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Elf Ornament     $50.00     

This hand crafted, hand painted glass ornament is sure to become a highlight in your families Christmas tree trimming tradition. Faithfully replicated from the beloved character in the story "The Empty Hook", your family will enjoy seeing Elf on your Christmas tree over the years just as Milo did.

​Storybook       $12.00

This timeless tale will surely become a family tradition in your home. The heart felt story, and rich illustrations are bound in an 8.5" X 8.5" softbound storybook, and are available in signed or unsigned editions.

The Empty Hook is a story about the true meaning of Christmas. The story is re-told by a special set of ornaments that a little boy named Milo, lovingly imagined many years ago.  It's about a loving father who finds a gifted German glassblower who uses his talents to bring joy and beauty to others, while giving the glory to God.

It is a lasting tale about the importance of family, friendship, and faith.  There is no doubt that you and your family will cherish this timeless story as it is passed down through the generations during the holiday season.

Hootie Ornament   $50.00 
This latest edition to the Empty Hook series recreates the charming character behind the glasses from the story The Empty Hook, an ornaments tale. This first edition production won't last,  so get your's while you still can!

Snappy Ornament   $50.00 
With much pride we present Snappy, this years addition to the growing collection that faithfully recreates the charming characters from the story of The Empty Hook, an ornaments tale. These beautiful glass ornaments promise to be gone in a snap, so hurry and claim yours this holiday season!

Coney Claus Ornament   $50.00 
This highly anticipated glass ornament is the second installment in the Empty Hook series that masterfully recreates the charming characters from the story of The Empty Hook, an ornaments tale. Reserve yours while you can because once they're sold out, they're gone!

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